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Some Information About Porter Cable Tools

Porter Cable Tools

In 1906, R. E. Porter, G. G. Porter and F. E. Cable opened a jobbing machine and tool shop out of their garage in Syracuse, N.Y.

Porter Cable began to focus on power tools in 1914 by marketing a revolutionary new production lathe.

In the early 1920s, Porter Cable hired Art Emmons as chief engineer.

In 1926, Emmons created the portable electric belt sander, which was appropriately named the "Take-About Sander." Take-about Sander

Through the years Porter Cable has been apart of many groundbreaking innovations in the world of power tools and power tool systems.

From a dust collection system (one of today’s hottest power tool topics), introduced by Porter Cable in 1931, to the world’s first 12-volt cordless drill that they introduced in 1989.

Porter Cable tools has been at the leading edge of power tool manufacturing for over 100 years.

Today Porter Cable has a large tool line that consists of:

  • Drills and hammer drills
  • Circular saws, miter saws, table saws, reciprocating saws, and jig saws
  • Planers
  • Palm Sanders
  • Belt sanders
  • Routers
  • An assortment of Cordless Tools
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Tools
  • Polishers/Buffers
  • Jointers
  • Lathes
  • Dust Management Systems
  • And many many more...

The Porter Cable list of tools is very long.

We will review the pros and cons of different Porter Cable power tools so that you as the Consumer will be armed with everything needed to make an informed decision on your next purchase.

Where Can I buy Porter Cable Power Tools?

You can purchase a Porter Cable power tool at many home improvement retail and online locations.

From "The Home Depot" superstores to a quick online purchase from Amazon.

Porter Cable is a popular and reliable time tested brand of power tools.

We here at Power-Tool-Pro think you will be pleased with their tools as well.

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