Milwaukee Power Tools

Who is Milwaukee Power Tools?

Milwaukee Power ToolsMilwaukee Tools has focused on a single vision since it's founding in 1924: "To produce the best heavy-duty electric power tools and accessories available to the professional user".

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was sold to Techtronic Industries, a Hong Kong-based company, in 2005. They also own the Ryobi and Homelite brands.

Milwaukee tools manufactures a tool line for all the major job trades.

Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, HVAC and General Contractors all have a wide variety of power tools to choose from.

From the heavy duty hammer drills and core drillers to precision meters, Milwaukee power tools has a reputation for designing and building some of the best tools in the business.

No matter whether your looking for corded or cordless power tools Milwaukee still has you covered with power and innovation to spare in each category

Why a Milwaukee Power Tool?

Milwaukee Cordless DrillWhat makes this line of power tools better than any other?

I guess it depends on who is asking the question and who in answering it.

If you take a quick look around on the internet you are going to see some of the best reviews you'll ever see when it comes to power tools.

Customer satisfaction?...same response.

I imagine that if the question was asked of many of the other popular brands of power tool you may get the same answers.

Our advice...? Take your time and read the many reviews out there in regards to Milwaukee tools.

Compare features, specifications and the experience of others, look at the prices and narrow down your choices to the power tool that best fits your needs.

Below is a short checklist of items to consider when deciding on which power tools to buy:

  • Past performance: See what others have and are saying about these power tools.
  • Power Tool Specifications: Compare things like power, weight, speeds, variable settings and durability to name a few.
  • Warranty: Look at the difference in the length and coverage of each Manufacturers warranty
  • Longevity: Ask others how long their tools have lasted for them and with what kind of use.
  • Price Differences: No need to explain here...we all get this one.
  • Parts and Repair: Check the availability of parts and the convenience of repair locations in your area.
  • Your needs: What type of work/project will these tools be used for? Can you justify the expense? I think sometimes this should be your first consideration.

I know you may have other items of concern and by all means take them into consideration. The above list is just a guideline to start with.

Everyone has different circumstances and only you can make those comparisons.

How can I buy Milwaukee Tools?

Milwaukee Circular Saw

You can purchase these popular power tools at several retail outlets.

These include, The Home Depot, Lowes and several other retail and online stores.

If you prefer to get the feel of the tool in your hand before purchase then don't hesitate to go to a brick and mortar store and pick one up.

Maybe even check into renting that particular tool and trying before may save you money in the long run.

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