Craftsman Jigsaw

Most Craftsman Owners Think They're Great

Craftsman jigsaw owner reviews all reflect one thing... they are a good well built jigsaw. With a high customer satisfaction rating it seems that this line of jigsaw is a winner.

You can purchase one of these jigsaws from Craftsman for an average price of about $70.

How much you spend will determine what sort of features will be included on your particular model.

Some of these features include:

  • Laser trac blade alignment
  • LED worklight
  • Both laser trac and LED worklight
  • A blade scrolling feature
  • More (or less) power depending on amperage and your needs
  • Toolless quick change blade feature
  • Acceptance of both U and T shank blades
  • Blade storage
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Soft switch triggers for comfort
  • It's a pretty long list...I think you get the message.

    This list of jig saw features...oops...jigsaw (as near as I can tell it is spelled "jigsaw") gives you a pretty good idea of some of the great features offered by Craftsman.

    A Craftsman Jigsaw Review Chart

    After looking at the six jigsaws with reviews at the Craftsman website I did the math. Here's what I came up with.

    Model #27245Craftsman Jigsaw Model 27245This model had 19 out of 25 total reviews that were a four out of five stars or better.
    Model #17256Craftsman Jigsaw Model 1725650% of the reviews gave four stars or better to this saw.
    Model #17255Craftsman Jigsaw Model 17255100% of the reviews gave a five star rating! That says something!
    Model #17235Craftsman Jigsaw Model 17235Six out of ten customers gave this one a five star rating.
    Model #28127Craftsman Jigsaw Model 28127Two out of three....FIVE STARS!
    Model #11569Craftsman Jigsaw Model 1156911 of 16 were four stars or better and 50% were five stars.

    Are we seeing a trend here? I think so. Numbers don't lie and I think these numbers speak for themselves.

    What's My Conclusion?

    Now don't get me wrong here.

    Every power tool has it's share of flaws. Each one has features that some consumers just don't like or could do without.

    I for one don't mind having a laser trac to help align my blade to the work's not a make or break feature for me.

    A more useful feature for me is the toolless quick changing blades. Easy in and easy out...and fast.

    Not to mention having a place to store some of those blades. I hate having to stop in the middle of a cut and retreive a new blade for changing.

    Once again...easy in and easy out.

    My conclusion? I think that a jigsaw purchased from Craftsman will make a great addition to your workshop.

    I love mine! It has a good solid well built feel to it. Not to heavy but not so lightweight that it feels cheap.

    It's easy to use, cuts very well through any material I've thrown at it, has plenty of power, and most's still running great.

    I don't see myself needing another Craftsman jigsaw for a long time.

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