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19.2v Craftsman Cordless Drill Combo Kit

Two Cordless Drills That Can Handle Anything

19.2v Craftsman Cordless Drill Combo Kit

19.2v Craftsman Cordless Drill/Right Angle Drill

This 19.2v Craftsman cordless drill kit features a standard cordless drill/driver and a handy right angle cordless drill.

The drill/driver has all the needed power and features you would expect on a cordless drill.

Having a right angle drill is great when you're in tighter areas like between studs and joist spaces.

I own several Craftsman tools and I think that they build one of the best cordless drills out there.

I have always been satisfied with their quality.

Drill/Driver Features and Specifications

  • Heavy duty gear box with Hi/Lo rangesCraftsman Cordless Drill Driver
  • 24 position adjustable torque clutch
  • Mid-handle design with overmold ergonomic handle grip
  • Electric brake
  • Convenient dual bit storage on drill
  • Keyless chuck system for fast bit changing
  • Reversible
  • Variable speed allows precise drill control during operation
  • Built in dual bubble levels for straight drilling

Right Angle Drill Features and Specifications

Craftsman Cordless Right Angle Drill
  • Electric brake
  • Convenient dual bit storage on drill
  • Reversible
  • Variable speed for more drill control
  • 3/8 inch chuck capactity
  • Motor brake for quicker stops
  • 150 in./lbs. torque capacity

Combo Kit Includes

  • Standard cordless drill/driver
  • Right angle drillCraftsman Cordless Drill Batteries and Case
  • Two 19.2v batteries
  • One battery charger w/ a hour cycle charge capacity
  • Carrying case
  • Wrist strap
  • 2 screw bits
  • Owners Manual

Combo Kit Prices

  • Craftsman.com - $139.99

19.2v Craftsman Cordless Drill Combo Review

19.2v Craftsman Cordless Drill/Right Angle Drill Pros Cons
  • Both drills have plenty of power
  • Love the screw tip holders(I know...they all have them...still like it though)
  • Battery charger gets it done...fast
  • Two batteries that are interchangeable
  • Don't use the RA drill to often...but when I need it...wow!
  • The carrying case is great for storing when on the move
  • 19.2v cordless tools tend to be a little heavier than I like
  • Reverse button on RA drill is a little out of reach for convenience
  • Level bubbles aren't something I use a lot
  • Would like to have another bit storage location...or two

Our Conclusion

Not to sound to repetitive...but I haven't found any Craftsman cordless tools I haven't liked.

This cordless drill combo kit is no different. Very powerful, versatile and tough.

I don't think you can go wrong with this one. We recommend it to everyone.

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