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Black and Decker Belt Sander

Their Model BR318 is Sleek and Lightweight

Black and Decker Belt Sander-Model BR318This Black and Decker belt sander is a lightweight and easy to use power tool.

If you want economy and function together then this is one of the Black and Decker sanders you may want.

You can find this belt sander at just about any hardware store or retail location as well as several online outlets.

Check out the features and specifications as well as our opinions below and don't forget to watch our video review.

We will let you be the judge...

Belt Sander Features

Black and Decker Belt Sander Drive Wheel
  • 6.0 Amp motor with power for fast sanding
  • Angled belt design that sands much closer to the edge of adjoining surfaces
  • Auto belt tracking for maintaining accurate alignment of sanding belt
  • Flush body design allows for sanding many against vertical surfaces
  • Compact ergonomic design with two handles for better comfort
  • Belt release lever makes sanding paper change easy

Belt Sander Specifications

  • Amps: 6
  • RPM (Rotations per Minute): 656
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Black and Decker Belt Sander Belt Release
  • Length: 13.1 In.
  • Width: 6.4 In.
  • Belt size: 3" x 18"

Accessories Included

Black and Decker Logo

  • 3" x 18" sanding belt
  • Dust bag attachment
  • Owner's Manual: Yes


  • Amazon - $54.79
  • WalMart - $54.88
  • Sears - $54.88
  • TylerTool.com - $54.60
  • This belt sander can be found in many different locations

Black and Decker Belt Sander
Model BR318 - Review

Black and Decker Belt Sander Side View Pros Cons
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • It really can get closer to vertical surfaces from the side
  • Belt angle also allows for better visibility of work
  • Is a good belt sander for around the house
  • Trigger lock on is only on one side...for righty's
  • It would be nice to see less plastic construction
  • The dust bag is almost pointless

Our Conclusion

There are quite a few lower end belt sanders on the market today...and we are not going to lie...this is one of them.

There is very little metal put into the construction of this particular model.

The base is a cast aluminum...the rest though...well I think you get the picture...plastic!

I'm not saying it won't do the job for you...but buy according to your needs.

If durability and solid construction are what your looking for...you may want to move on to something else.

Although there are several 5 star reviews of this product on Amazon...take it for what it's worth.

I think this would make a good belt sander for around the house.

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